Guest room Ⅰ

Japanese-style room

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Guest room Ⅰ」への3件のコメント

  1. Maybe Lars will be able to visit you at some time in the future. I would love to see Japan Toukou san! My father has been on business. Thank you for the invitation. If you and your wife are ever here in the US and would like to see Arizona please let me know.

    • – 03/03 2011-
      Sorry, Nagai I never got the chanse to go to Kobe.
      I am now on the way to Cape Town.
      We sailed from Korea 2nd of February.
      Sailed via Singapore.
      Hope I get a chance to go to Kobe another time.
      Take care Nagai San.
      Regards from Lars

      The friend of Norway had come to South Korea on business, and to come to Kobe, it invited it.
      It is not possible to come on Christmas holidays of 2010.
      Though it invited again.
      He did on one’s way back between decks.
      ーAkamonsoon sanー
      Cannot you come with the husband?
      It welcomes it.


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